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Company History

Company History


Jin Chen, the founder of the company, has worked as a technician of sheet metal processing equipment for more than ten years, and has rich experience in press brakes and punch presses, He founded the company in 1998.


Jin Chen led his team to work hard for the development of the company. The stable product quality provided the power for the development of the company, and the company went through the dangerous period of the initial development.


In the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, the company grew rapidly. Jin announced his retirement due to his age, Leo entered the business and subsequently became Managing Director.


Under the leadership of Leo, the company got out of the financial crisis smoothly, further expanded the market in China, and reached long-term supply agreements with several machine tool manufacturers.


The company set up a foreign trade department and is ready to enter the overseas market.



The company spent a huge amount of money to eliminate the original old equipments, updated into new CNC grinding machine, CNC milling machine and CNC planer.


Overseas market development and establish long-term cooperation with several customers.


Improved the company's management system, all technical and production staff must have at least five years of work experience.


The quality of the product is superb, allowing us to provide the perfect solution to fit in line with clients' budget again and again. That is the direction chosen by WYS, to give not just excellent products, but a complete 360° service to metal fabrication industry.

Our unique ability to provide our customers with virtually any complex and customized tooling enables us to recommend to our customers with the most cost-effective solu-tion to their sheet metal processing.

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