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Causes of Bending Die Damage or Cracks

May. 04, 2017


The factors that may cause damage to press brake tooling in the development, production and use are listed as follows:

①Material: if the material is not good, it is easy to break in the subsequent processing;

②Heat treatment: quenching and tempering process is improper, will produce deformation;

③Production: mold grinding flatness is not enough, produce deflection deformation;

④Design process: the strength of the mold is not enough, the distance between the knife edge is too close, the mold structure is unreasonable;

⑤Line cutting: line cutting processing is improper: pull line cutting, the gap is wrong, did not make clear Angle;

⑥Forming equipment: the size of the tonnage of the punch, the size of the punching force, the mold is too deep;

Production: the position of the upper and lower die of the bending machine mold is not adjusted to the specified place.

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